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Parade of (state) champions: Here’s D9’s all-time list

D9 State Champs

By Rich Rhoades

How many state champions does your school have? Check out the link below for a detailed list. Anything missing? Check out your local gymnasium and find the banners.

With the exception of swimming — and we believe we’re good with Brookville, St. Marys and Clearfield’s history — the list is pretty close to being 100 percent up to date. This is what we have so far.

So what school has the most champs? That’s easy. Thanks to its 40 individual state champions in wrestling, Clearfield has 45 PIAA state titles (and 3 individual boys’ swimming titles, 1 individual girls’ track and field). From there, the top schools:

Kane: 27 (1 boys’ basketball team, 1 boys’ cross country individual, 2 girls’ cross country individual, 2 individual wrestling, 15 boys’ individual track and field, 6 girls’ individual track and field)

Brookville: 16 (4 individual wrestling, 1 team wrestling 2 team cross country, 1 individual golf, 3 individual girls’ swimming and 5 girls’ individual track and field)

Clarion: 16 (1 team title volleyball, 3 individual wrestling, 2 team titles boys’ track and field and 10 individual boys’ track and field)

Smethport: 16 (1 girls’ track and field team, 8 individual boys’ track and field, 7 individual girls’ track and field)

DuBois: 10 (all individual wrestling)

Elk Co. Catholic: 10 (1 boys’ basketball team, 1  individual girls’ golf, 6 individual girls’ track and field, 2 individual boys’ track and field



  1. Zak Young says:

    Curwensville wrestler Dave Irwin won state titles in 1979 and 1980. Your list only includes 1980.

  2. Josh Hoffman says:

    Oswayo Valley boys’ cross country team won the AA state title in 1984.

  3. John Smith says:

    My sister was on the Smethport girls track championship team …GO HUBS!!!!!!l

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