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Updated playoff schedule for Wednesday

The following changes have been made to the playoff schedule for Wednesday:

The Class A boys game, No. 10 Union at No. 7 DuBois Central Catholic has been postponed until tomorrow at the same time (7 p.m.).

The Class AA girls game between No. 2 Curwensville and No. 7 Kane has been moved to Thursday, with the same site and time (St. Marys H.S., 6 p.m.).

The Class AA boys game between No. 3 Curwensville and No. 6 Brookville has been moved to Thursday at the same site and time (St. Marys H.S., 7:30 p.m.).

All other games for Wednesday will be played as scheduled:

Class A boys: No. 9 Venango Catholic at No. 8 North Clarion (7 p.m.); No. 11 Clarion at No. 6 Ridgway (7 p.m.)

Class AA boys: No. 5 Keystone vs. No. 4 Cranberry at Clarion H.S. (8:00 p.m.)

Class A girls: No. 9 Brockway at No. 8 Smethport (6 p.m.); No. 10 Cameron County at No. 7 Keystone (6 p.m.)

Class AA girls: No. 3 Clarion-Limestone vs. No. 6 Cranberry (Clarion H.S., 6:30 p.m.)

All Class A quarterfinal games will now be played on Friday.


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