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Predicting the District 9 Seedings

Editor’s Note: The following predictions are just that, predictions and should not be taken in any way as what the actual District 9 seedings will end up looking like. The District 9 committee reserves the right to all final decisions in the seeding process. More information can be found on the committee at its web site www.piaad9.org

By Chris Rossetti

Ok, with most of the games in the books, I am going to take a stab at predicting the seeding in the upcoming District 9 playoffs.

Now, truth-be-told, this is a pretty easy prediction because District 9 doesn’t do anything complicated when it comes to seeding placing teams based on winning percentage first with some tiebreakers worked in. That being said, there are still a few games left and a few funky things could still play out to change this. District 9 will release its official brackets sometime over the weekend.

Well anyhow, here goes what I think the brackets will look like.


CLASS A  (Pretty sure 11 teams are going to end up entering although it’ss possible a 12th may decide to go and be seeded No. 12)

  1. Elk County Catholic
  2. Clarion-Limestone
  3. Cameron County
  4. Johnsonburg
  5. DuBois Central Catholic
  6. Coudersport
  7. Ridgway
  8. North Clarion
  9. Venango Catholic
  10. Union
  11. Clarion

Teams with best chance of moving in final seedings: Coudersport and Ridgway would each bump up one spot and DCC would drop two spots if Cardinals lose to Punxsutawney Wednesday

CLASS AA (Pretty sure 7 teams will go but it’s possible Moniteau will decide to do especially if it beats Karns City Wednesday)

  1. Redbank Valley
  2. Curwensville
  3. Karns City
  4. Cranberry
  5. Keystone
  6. Moniteau (if it chooses to enter; If not then Brookville
  7. Brookville (if Moniteau doesn’t enter then Kane)
  8. Kane

Teams with best chance of moving in final seedings: Curwensville could slip to No. 3 with Karns City moving up one if Tide would lose to rival Clearfield Friday and Karns City beats Moniteau (assuming Curwensville wins winnable game against West Branch Wednesday)

CLASS AAA (Two teams will go)

  1. Punxsuatweny
  2. Clearfield


CLASS A (Pretty sure 10 teams are going to go)

  1. Port Allegany
  2. Coudersport
  3. Venango Catholic
  4. Clarion
  5. Elk County Catholic
  6. DuBois Central Catholic
  7. Keystone
  8. Brockway
  9. Smethport
  10. Cameron County

Teams with best chance of moving in final seedings: ECC could move up to No. 3 if its beat Bradford Wednesday dropping Venango Catholic and Clarion each one spot.

CLASS AA (Eight teams will go)

  1. Karns City
  2. Clarion-Limestone
  3. Curwensville
  4. Moniteau
  5. Redbank Valley
  6. Cranberry
  7. Kane
  8. Brookville

Teams with best chance of moving in final seedings: Redbank Valley could switch places with Moniteau if it beats either Keystone Wednesday or Moniteau Thursday.

CLASS AAA (Two teams will go)

  1. Bradford
  2. Punxsutawney




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