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District 9 Class AA Playoff Breakdown

Note that all seedings are unofficial based on rules provided to D9Sports.com by the District 9 committee. Finally decisions on all seedings, lie with the District 9 committee.

Here is a breakdown of the Class AA playoff scenarios:

First to determine the top two seeds: We know that either Kane or Karns City will be the top seed and the other will be second seed.

A Kane win over Sheffield and a Karns City loss to Marion Center gives Kane the top seed. Likewise, a Karns City win over Marion Center and a Kane loss to Sheffield gives Karns City the top seed.

But what if both win or both loses.

If both teams win other games involving teams both played will come into play.

A Kane win over Sheffield guarantees the Wolves 1,220 power points (The 1,080 they currently have plus 130 for beating Kane plus 10 from the winner of the St. Joseph’s-Ridgway game).

A Karns City win over Marion Center guarantees the Gremlins 1,220 power points as well (The 1,110 they currently have plus 100 for beating Marion Center plus 10 from the winner of the Oil City-Franklin game).

That would mean the outcome of games of teams both Kane and Karns City beat earlier in the year would come into play.

Those games for Kane would include Otto-Eldred from Cowanesque Valley and Brockway vs. Moniteau which could give the Wolves up to 20 extra points.

The games to watch for that affect Karns City include St. Marys vs. Bellefonte, Brockway vs, Moniteau, Union vs. Cambridge Springs, Keystone vs. Penns Manor, Punxsutawney vs. Northern Bedford and Brookville vs. Clarion. Those games could give the Gremlins an additional 60 points.

If the teams tie with the same number of power points, then a coin flip will determined the seed between one and two.

Now on to the third seed. Only two of the remaining three teams – Brookville and St. Marys – can be the third seed.

Brookville is the third seed with a win over unbeaten Clarion or a loss by St. Marys to winless Bellefonte.

St. Marys is the third seed with a win over Bellefonte and a Brookville to loss to Clarion.

If St. Marys and Brookville both lose and Moniteau beats Brockway then, Brookville is third seed and the final playoff spot will be determined as follows:

Moniteau would need the perfect storm to happen. Union would need to beat Cambridge Springs, while Keystone loses to Penns Manor, Brookville loses to Clarion and Bradford loses to Clearfield. That would leave both teams with either 640 or 650 power points depending on what Punxsutawney does against Northern Bedford (but it doesn’t matter because both Moniteau and St. Marys beat Punxsy and would get the 10 extra points for a Chucks win over Northern Bedford for both teams).

Now, logic would dictate that since the two teams played each other the result of that game would determine the final Class AA playoff spot, which would give it to Moniteau thanks to a win over St. Marys. But alas, this is District 9, and the rules aren’t written that way.

In District 9 the rules sent out in September say that selection in seeding in Class AA follows first the PIAA Ranking System based on all games and then a coin flip. That would mean, by the rules they way they are currently written, a coin flip would determine whether St. Marys or Moniteau makes the playoffs if the two teams end up tied.


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